The sexologist of general practice Janskerkhof and Campus De Uithof.

All patients of the general practice Janskerkhof and Campus De Uithof can make use of the greatly reduced rate. A consultation costs €20 instead of €100 and for a consultation from 6 pm €40 instead of €120. Because of the coronavirus, the rate for an evening and weekend consultation is the same as the rate for a consultation during office hours. This is because some people are now unable to make (video) calls during office hours. This offer is valid until the 28th of April, 2020.

The sexologist

Astrid Kremers is a registered Cognitive Behavioral Therapeutic Worker VGCt - Sexologist NVVS, registered EMDR therapist and solution orientated educated. She is the owner of the sexology practice ‘Praktijk Astrid Kremers’ and the sexologist of, among others, the UMC Utrecht, the Diakonessenhuis Utrecht and the Beatrix Hospital Gorinchem. In addition, she also works at the National Psychotrauma Center and the Center for Sexual Violence at UMC Utrecht. She is the author of the bestseller “Aandacht voor seks” and a member of the media committee NVVS. Our sexologist also teaches various target groups about sexuality. She is also active in the media.


In her sexology practice Astrid Kremers sees both women and men with various sexual problems. Examples of these are pain during intercourse / penetration, erection problems, no sense or excessive sex drive (sex addiction), difficulty getting aroused, orgasm problem, cheating, polyamory, sexual desire between partners and sexual problems caused by physical or mental complaints, (sexual) trauma and pregnancy.
In general, there is no waiting list. The practice is open both during the day and in the evening.
Our sexologist’s working method is characterized by passion and love for the profession. Astrid Kremers listens carefully, her attitude is positive and solution-oriented. Hereby she carefully adheres to the legal requirements regarding privacy and confidentiality. And of course, she puts you at ease.
In the first session the focus is on getting to know each other and diagnostics. During that session, you can of course also ask all your questions. Most people are a bit tense before the first session, but everyone looks back on it with a positive feeling. The duration of treatment can vary. Usually a treatment takes 2 to 8 sessions. A one-time consultation is also possible.
During the follow-up conversations, the therapy will take place according to the bio-psycho-social model. Astrid Kremers is a sexologist who is also experienced in the field of life style and relationships. Your personal wishes and possibilities are of course the starting point. Treatment will be according to cognitive behavioral therapy and / or EMDR. If you wish, concrete agreements can be agreed upon so that at home you can put into practice what you have learned. No exercises will be done during the session. In addition, the sexologist can provide you with information about sexuality. There will be no physical examination during the consultation with Astrid Kremers. If a physical examination is required, she can refer to medical doctors and pelvic therapists with whom she has partnerships.

Making an appointment and costs

If you are a patient with the general practice Janskerkhof / campus De Uithof, it works as follows:
• To make an appointment, you can call 06 - 10 79 70 61 during office hours.
• You report to Astrid Kremers that you are a patient of Janskerkhof/ campus De Uithof.
• The the sexology practice is located in the ‘Gezondheidshuis’ - Bosboomstraat 1G, Utrecht. For the time being, due to coronavirus, all sessions are held through (video)calls.
• Astrid Kremers reports a summary of the consultation in the electronic patient file of our practice.
• Immediately after the consultation you pay €20 for a daytime consultation and €40 for a consultation from 6 p.m., the other costs are paid by the general practice. There is no extra charge if you come with your partner.
• Appointments can only be canceled or rescheduled by contacting Astrid Kremers by telephone during office hours via 06 - 10 79 70 61.
• Appointments (including the first appointment) that are canceled, rescheduled, or forgotten for any reason less than 48 hours within business days, will be charged. The costs are €100 for an appointment during the day and €120 for an appointment after 6 pm. Keep in mind that you can only change an appointment during office hours, so the holidays and weekends are not included.
• If you do not show up on the first appointment or cancel, reschedule or forget the appointment less than 48 hours in advance, you will receive an invoice of €100/€120 respectively and you are responsible for ensuring that the amount due is on the account of ‘Praktijk Astrid Kremers’ within two weeks. If you do not pay, you will receive a reminder with a payment term of five days. For this, €10 administration costs are charged, so the costs increased to €110/€130 respectively. If you still have not paid, unfortunately the practice is forced to call in a debt collection agency. The costs of this are for your account.

More information

More information about the working method, costs and conditions can be found at Or call Astrid Kremers with your question during office hours on telephone number 06 - 10 79 70 61.

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