Lifestyle medicine consultation - lifestyle doctor

The way you live – your lifestyle – has a major impact on your health and well-being. Think of food, exercise, sleep and relaxation, but also connection, joy and meaning. Many complaints and illnesses are caused by a low score on one or more aspects of your lifestyle.

Do you suffer from stress or burnout?
Are you always feeling tired?
Do you regularly have headaches or dizziness?
Do you often have pain in your back, neck or shoulders?
Do you have abdominal complaints such as constipation, bloating or regular abdominal pain?
Or are you overweight and would you like to lose weight responsibly, sustainably and without a diet?

With these kinds of complaints, smaller or bigger changes in your lifestyle can have a massive impact. It goes without saying that any potential underlying medical condition must be investigated and treated, but adjustments to your lifestyle can remedy or reduce complaints as well as support the necessary medical treatment.

If you’re interested in treating your symptoms and improving your health in a responsible and sustainable way, please make an appointment with dr. Iris Otto, physician for integrative and lifestyle medicine. She collaborates with a dietician, physiotherapist and psychologist to offer you an integrated, tailor-made approach to improving your health. During the consultation(s), your health will be thoroughly assessed, with attention to you as a person, your perceived well-being as well as your current and desired lifestyle. There is ample room for questions and your own wishes.

You can also make an appointment if the mentioned complaints do not apply to you, yet you wish professional guidance to become healthier.

As a patient of Huisartsenpraktijk Janskerkhof and the Uithof-USP, appointments with the lifestyle doctor fall under general practitioner care, which means that your health insurance pays for the consultation. This excludes any additional diagnostics, such as blood tests. You can schedule a 20-minute appointment online or by phone on Mondays between 08:30 and 16:00.

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